Milltap 700


DMU 50


DMU 60 T

Rapid Enterprises employs Palletized Milling Centers that enable us to provide cost-effective solutions at competitive pricing, not only in North America but also around the globe. 

Due to the high-tech machinery we use, we are confident in our ability to beat any quote. 

Manufacturing companies in places like China are no competition for us. You can get much better quality and the fastest turnaround times with our machines. 

For high-quality milling results, our production floor is equipped with several DMG MORI multi-machines. In the manufacturing industry, DMG MORI machines are considered the crème de la crème.

It is critical to our services and infrastructure that we rely on the most effective machines that only deliver high-quality manufacturing. Currently, we operate the following universal 

DMG MORI Milling machines:

·         DMU 50

·         DMU 60 T

·         DMU 65 MONO BLOCK

·         DMC 1035 V ECOLINE

·         Mill Tap 700

These high-speed machines ensure increased productivity and their automation features, such as ‘lights out’ capabilities, enable our clients to offset their production cost.

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