DMG MORI NLX 2500/700

High Precision Multi-axis CNC Lathe

Rapid Enterprise relies only on top of the line high-performance machines. 

When it comes to turning centers, our go-to machine is the DMG Mori NLX2500/700 SY; an industry-standard that is ideal for high-precision and high-volume production runs. Its diverse and unique functions allow for exceptional precision manufacturing. 

The machine has a Turret, equipped with a built-in motor and a high-speed rotary tool spindle.

For the highest precision, the NLX2500/700 SY has a thoroughly controlled thermal displacement system and includes a quick-change turret. In terms of high rigidity productions, the slide-ways of the NLX2500/700 SY are used for the X/Y/Z-axis. This is how we are able to produce high-tolerance and high-precision machine parts for our clients.

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